Ever since the company is incorporated, the philosophies of the company has been ‘Forever do a little more than the customer requirement’, conduct research and development, upgrade technology、 specialty in the field、 improve quality, be responsible and with good faith and pursuit to sustain manageable business. Other philosophies include ‘Love the Earth and protect the environment’ which is the main focus for the conduct of research and development. The environmental problems of the earth such as deforestation of rainforest causing abnormal climate changes, global warming, reducing usable resources, species extinction, soil and water erosion, aboriginal life and culture under threat and so on... therefore as a starting point, the products series from WOODEASY are environmental friendly and harmless to the environment.

Managing Brand:
☆Environmental friendly wood –E Core Wood
☆AluCo-Wood System
☆Environmental water-based coatings – Woodeasy Paint
☆The company also has excellent management team, for your needs and preferences to provide you with product information and professional counseling ~

Wall Panels / Roof Panels / 牆板 / 屋頂板

Grille / Ceilings / 格柵 / 天花板

Outdoor Decking / 戶外地板

Railing / Fence / 欄杆 / 柵欄

Pergola / 花架 / 涼亭

Comprehensive Application / 綜合應用

oversea project reference / 國外綜合案例